Monthly Archive: March 2015

April Events

April is a very busy month, though not as far as PPTQs are concerned. We have multiple State Championships happening this month, plus a drive-able SCG Open. Here’s a rundown of in-state events:

Modern Spotlight: Grixis Delver

Not too long ago blue and red focused tempo decks were considered the best thing you could be doing in modern. Perhaps they are starting to come back….

Modern Spotlight: Burn

Burn is an archetype that has gained a number of very powerful spells recently, and looks to be getting at least one more in the new set. The deck can punish some of the...

Dragons of Tarkir Spoilers, Week Two

Another week has passed and we have yet more spoilers from Dragons of Tarkir to look at. We have many more options this week, so I’ll be skipping many. Below you’ll find my thoughts...

PAX East Spoilers

The Magic panel at PAX East gave us a few new things to think about. A few spoilers from Dragons of Tarkir, 2 from Modern Masters 2015, 1 from Magic Origins, and the announcement...