5 Cards I’d Like to See In Modern

There are a lot of cards I wish they would reprint through Standard so that they would end up in Modern. Here’s a few and why I think they’d be good for the format.

  1. Containment Priest
  2. Priest would be a great hoser card against a number of strategies in Modern. It is effective against Chord of Calling, Collected Company, Nahiri, the Harbinger, Goryo’s Vengenace, Restoration Angel, Through the Breach, and likely many others. It is also synergistic with cards like Flickerwisp or Eldrazi Displacer to just get rid of things permanently. This is another card that would’ve been great to have around this time in Standard, as it would help curb the Company decks. Maybe if a similar thing is printed in the future….

  3. Innocent Blood
  4. One of the biggest downfalls of black based control decks is that they do not have a good card to deal with early creatures, be they mana dorks like Birds of Paradise or aggressive one drops like Wild Nacatl. Blood would give these decks the ability to take down an early creature at parity, but later in the game it’s unlikely to get rid of the creature you want (or probably not at all against Affinity). You also have to make choices with how you build your deck and how you choose to play this card, as the effect will kill your own creature if you have one out. This makes it a bit weaker with Snapcaster Mage compared to something like Terminate. Though I guess a lot better against Bogles. Sadly Wizards missed the ideal time to reprint this card, as it would have fit right in on Innistrad.

  5. Absorb
  6. While many people are clamoring for a reprint of Counterspell, I’m willing to set my sites a bit lower with this card (and it’s “brother” Undermine). 3 mana counterspells with additional effects have already proven themselves as a card that can be played in modern (mostly Counterflux), and we’ve also seen that adding on to go from Lightning Bolt to Lightning Helix is a fine trade off. The reason Absorb gets the nod over Undermine is that the ability to gain life is often more relevant for a control deck, where you are worried about getting to the late game where you can turn the corner. There’s almost no reason to not have both reprinted together, unless the fear is that Esper control would be too powerful in that Standard format.

  7. Veteran Explorer
  8. Yes, I’d like to make Nic Fit a thing in Modern. The real perk of Explorer is getting to get two basic lands onto the battlefield, with the bonus that they are untapped for you to do more stuff with. The bonus is that many opposing decks may not be able to fully utilize this, as they may have a very low count of basic lands. Ramping this hard leads you to be able to win either through Scapeshift or by just casting bigger creatures than your opponent can deal with. What prevents this from becoming an overpowering strategy? Two things in my opinion. #1 is that you don’t have great sacrifice outlets like you do in Legacy (primarily Cabal Therapy), so you often either need to spend a card to kill your Explorer or get it to die in combat somehow. #2 is that Legacy has access to Green Sun’s Zenith, meaning you are much more likely to be able to ramp quickly as opposed to Modern, where you lose a lot of consistency.

  9. Onslaught Cycling Lands
  10. While this is technically 5 cards rolled into one, I think it still works for the goal of this post. I’ve always been a huge fan of Life from the Loam strategies, and these would really help enable those. The ability to cast that spell, play a land, and then spend 2 mana to draw 2 more cards (with the option to dredge again) would be insanely powerful. Pair it with The Gitrog Monster for even more card advantage! Currently the only way to do this is to use Horizon Canopy, which also eats up your land drop for the turn and only allows you to draw a single card. Another perk is these can help out with other mechanics where getting things into your graveyard matters (delirium, delve). It’s also very possible that many midrange and control decks would be fine with including a few, with the option to cycle away lands when not needed late being very powerful.

There you have it. 5 (erhh, 9, but who’s counting?) cards that I think would enrich the Modern format all while not “breaking” Standard.

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.