5 More for Modern

There are a lot of cards I wish they would reprint through Standard so that they would end up in Modern. Here’s a few more I’d love to play around with.

  1. Recoup
  2. I really like the idea of a red Snapcaster Mage variant. While it’s slightly less good in that it can only hit sorceries, there are still plenty of worthwhile targets. I would heavily consider playing this in Scapeshift decks, especially when you aren’t looking to play . Flashing back a ramp spell early, or a countered or discarded copy of your namesake card for the win, would potentially really help the deck out. On top of that, this card has flashback of it’s own! 8 mana is all it takes to go from having both cards in your graveyard to likely having your opponent dead. That’s not to mention that you could play it in a dredge shell with Splendid Reclamation.

  3. Dualcaster Mage
  4. Dualcaster is no Snapcaster, but I really do think it’s at times a very powerful card. You do need to build your deck to be able to get value out of him, even if that value is simply copying a Lightning Bolt for some extra reach. Some times your opponent just won’t be helping you out by casting any relevant spells (maybe they’re playing affinity). Other times, the flexibility is truly astounding. In some matchups this card would be a counterspell OR a burn spell OR a card draw spell. In some decks it could also be a copy of your win condition, as Dualcaster on a Scapeshift often means your opponent needs 2 counterspells to stop you (though you could likely always Dualcaster their counterspell….).

  5. Pernicious Deed
  6. There are two cards to really compare Deed to: Engineered Explosives and Oblivion Stone. Each has it’s strengths, and it’s weaknesses. Deed comes down at 3 mana all the time, and has a lot of flexibility of what you blow up. Sometimes you need to hit CMC 2, but other times you need to hit CMC 1, 2, AND 3. This is the strength over both of these cards: It can blow up many things and can often do it cheaper than Stone. Explosives is better when you need to hit a lot of things at a single CMC, because it is often cheaper than Deed at that point (Explosives is always 1 mana cheaper compared to Deed for any given value of X). The downside is that sometimes you can’t get X high enough with Explosives due to Sunburst, and other times you want to be able to hit multiple values of X OR a new threat shows up at a different CMC. Deed is much better against Infect and Fish, for example, as it blows up a lot more. Comparing it to Stone, however, is not quite as easy. They cost the same to play, but Stone always costs to activate. But it blows up EVERYTHING….

  7. Terravore
  8. A format that is often defined by lhurgoyfs should have more than a single playable one! This guy would quickly grow to immense size in most games, and has trample to help crash damage through onto your opponent. Sure, it’s one more mana than Tarmogoyf, but it’s likely to get bigger in the long run (and did I mention it has trample?!?). This card also has some great synergy with Seismic Assault and any other cards that put many lands into the graveyard. Together, it could help make Ghost Quarter great again. Not to mention what it does with mass land destruction….

  9. Prohibit
  10. Many people want to see Counterspell in this format. I’m not entirely sold, especially after playing around with my recent Grixis deck (where all of my counterspells would have felt so much better as copies of Counterspell). Prohibit will still counter a ton of things in the format, has the option to be more expensive to counter higher CMC cards, and hits that great CMC 2 number that we’d like to see for counterspells. The problem is that it may end up being too splashable as it only requires a single , and it retains more usefulness in the late game compared to something like Mana Leak.

This time I stuck with only 5 cards, rather than the 9 from last time. While I think all of these are perfectly fine for modern, at least one of them would likely be way too good for standard (I’m looking at you Pernicious Deed). Maybe, just maybe, they’ll give us a way to directly add cards to the modern card pool. That’d be nice….

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.