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August Events

Here’s the list of the upcoming events in state for the month of August. 6 total PPTQs, 2 of which close out our modern season.

May Events

May brings us the last of the PPTQs that feed Pro Tour Milwaukee! Here’s a list of what’s going on….

April Events

April is a very busy month, though not as far as PPTQs are concerned. We have multiple State Championships happening this month, plus a drive-able SCG Open. Here’s a rundown of in-state events:

March Events

March kicks off the second season of PPTQs as well as sees the release of the upcoming Dragons of Tarkir expansion. While we only have 3 PPTQs scheduled for the month, we also have...

Charity Event: Jace for Jacy

Comics Plus is holding a charity event for one of the local players. Below is copied directly from the store’s website:

PPTQ Milwaukee Schedule Posted

The dates for all of the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers for Pro Tour Milwaukee have now been posted on the official website. This season of PPTQs run from 2/28/15 until 5/31/15. The full list...