Fast Mana in Modern

Kaladesh brings an exciting conclusion to a cycle of lands that I’ve wanted to see in modern for some time now!

And no, I don’t mean a full cycle of lands like Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth. But please Wizards, please!

will likely see a small amount of play, though a little bit more than I expect one of the lands on this list. The awkward bit for this land is that Jund/Abzan don’t have any turn 1 plays that involve , which makes it a little bit less important than other options. Even with that being the case, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a small number of these start to show up in those decks, as being able to cast Abrupt Decay or Grim Flayer on turn 2 without paying any life for lands is a pretty big deal. Elves will also likely get some use out of this land, as well as any other deck playing mana dorks. The option to play either Birds of Paradise or Thoughtseize without paying life for an untapped land is huge.

Art rank: 5th. Not a huge fan of this one.

Likely the most important one of these lands. I know that I’ve played a number of times and wished this land was available for my mana base. Not having to fetch/shock to have the versatility of Serum Visions or Lightning Bolt is great, plus you have plenty of options for countermagic early where this will be super relevant. Delver decks and Storm are likely two of the biggest winners with this land, but even bigger mana decks like Jeskai Harbinger or Grixis Control will likely benefit as well. Scapeshift, however, does not care as this isn’t a Mountain.

Art rank: 1st. We have a winner here!

is the sad color pair in modern, in that there really aren’t that many decks that utilize it. The biggest issue is that Temur and Sultai aren’t really well developed strategies, and Bant is mostly bad outside of Eldrazi (and even they would rather have Yavimaya Coast, because tri-land). Even Infect is unlikely to want this land, as they currently only run a small number of lands that can be searched for with a fetchland, which is super relevant due to Become Immense.

Art rank: 3rd.

The big one for Abzan and tokens! This gives you the ability to play either a turn 1 Path to Exile or Thoughtseize without paying any life, which are basically the things you want to be able to do early with these decks just in case you have to. Will likely be equally super in Mardu (should it continue to see a rise in play) and Esper (should it become viable at some point).

Art rank: 4th. I don’t dislike the art at all here, it’s just that the others are so nice!

Last but not least: the land that will be found in Jeskai Harbinger and Mardu decks quite a bit, due to the wombo combo of Path to Exile and Lightning Bolt. One thing I do want to address: I do not think this is a good land for burn decks. I’ve seen some people say that it is, but I disagree primarily due to Searing Blaze and the marginal impact of deck thinning.

Art rank: 2nd.

Now, if only they would reprint the Zendikar fetchlands already. Well, and give me a land that makes all of my lands also be Mountains….

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.