February Events

A bit more action in February for competitive events in state, plus a couple nearby events of note.

As far as nearby events of note we have the following events to keep your eyes on:

  • 02/06/2016: SCG Regionals – Providence, RI
  • 02/21/2016: RPTQ Madrid – Cambridge, MA
  • 02/28/2016: RPTQ Madrid – Montreal, QC (Canada)

It’s also worth mentioning that 2/13-2/14 is Oath of the Gatewatch Game Day. Head to your local store on those days (call first to verify times) and you can battle it out for the below playmat.

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.