February Events


As opposed to the last few months there are a ton of events scheduled in February, on top of Game Day weekend being the 14th and 15th! With the end of the first Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier season fast approaching we have a PPTQ scheduled every weekend in state until the end. Here’s a quick list of events going on.

  • 02/01/2015: PPTQ Vancouver @ Double Midnight Comics (Manchester)
  • 02/07/2015: PPTQ Vancouver @ Shield Comics
  • 02/14/2015: PPTQ Vancouver @ Merrymac Games
  • 02/21/2015: GPT Toronto @ Black Moon Games
  • 02/21/2015: PPTQ Vancouver @ Chris’s Comics and Cards
  • 02/22/2015: PTQ Brussels & PPTQ Vancouver @ Holiday Inn Concord (run by Collectibles Unlimited)
  • 02/28/2015: SCG IQ @ Relentless Dragon

We also have the Star City Games Regional Championships on 02/07/2015, held at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA and run by TJ’s Collectibles.

Also as mentioned earlier there will be the Fate Reforged Game Day weekend on the 14th and 15th. Check with your local store about their schedule for the weekend, get some sweet promos, and see about winning the most amazing Game Day Champion play-mat since Gatecrash.

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.