Event Feedback

The below form is intended for post event feedback of New Hampshire events. As the area rep for New Hampshire one of the things I wish I could do more of is work with the judges in the state to help them improve and achieve their goals. My time, however, is very limited which makes observation of these judges very challenging unless they are working an event with me. I would like the community’s help with being my eyes and ears at events around the state, and I’d love to hear feedback as to how events go.

This isn’t only for negative feedback either. If somebody seems to be struggling with certain concepts (rules knowledge or policy) it’s certainly great to identify that and correct it as soon as possible. If somebody goes above and beyond to make an event great, I’d also love to hear about that.

The form is also for more than just the judges in state. I work closely with most of the organizers in the state to make their events as great as possible for everybody involved. If you have suggestions for ways these could be improved, this is a great way to get that information to me.

Last but not least: I am the only person with access to what’s submitted through this form. I do not share what is written with anybody, but rather utilize it to help improve tournament experiences.