Modern Spotlight: Grixis Delver

Not too long ago blue and red focused tempo decks were considered the best thing you could be doing in modern. Perhaps they are starting to come back….


Delver of Secrets is one of the most powerful one drop creatures ever printed and is the real power in the deck. Landing a powerful early threat and then protecting it while you beat down your opponent with it is the primary goal. Tasigur, the Golden Fang does his best Tarmogoyf impression in this deck, often coming down early as a large creature for a small amount of mana.


The big weakness of the Delver strategies is that they often play some cards that are just worse than what your opponent will be doing, but they are needed to really get you going. Things like Thought Scour and Gitaxian Probe aren’t amazing cards on their own, but the deck requires a certain number of instants/sorceries in order to function, as well as to get cards into the graveyard to fuel your delve. Delver of Secrets also is not impressive against decks playing Lingering Souls, which is a very popular cards right now.

Burn or Counterspells?

The deck featured below is very heavy on the burn aspect of the deck, though arguments could certainly be made for replacing some of the cards with things like Spell Pierce and Spell Snare. One version gives you better reach to close games out, while the other gives you better protection for your threats. Probably a matter of personal preference.

Grixis Delver from MTGO

MTGO user Gyarados brought the below deck to a 4-0 finish in a daily event recently. While daily events aren’t the best measure of how powerful a given deck is, it is still certainly no small feat.

Grixis Delver (42)
Delver of Secrets
Snapcaster Mage
Young Pyromancer
Tasigur, the Golden Fang
Lightning Bolt
Murderous Cut
Thought Scour
Gitaxian Probe
Serum Visions
Sleight of Hand
Lands (18)
Darkslick Shores
Polluted Delta
Scalding Tarn
Steam Vents
Sulfur Falls
Watery Grave

This deck as featured comes out at roughly $550 before the sideboard. This seems like a lot except it’s $150 in the 3 copies of Snapcaster Mage and $200 in the 4 copies of Scalding Tarn.

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.