NHMTG December Changes

Change is in the air as I begin revamping a number of things on the website over the December “break”. Here are some details regarding what to look forward to next year:

The most obvious change is that I’ve moved to a new WordPress theme. I like the look of this one better, though it will probably take a bit of tinkering before I’m truly happy with it. Another quick to note change is that I have changed to a different calendar plugin which I believe has a better display and is a bit easier to work with on my end. Currently I am working on adding all of the early competitive events to the calendar as quickly as possible, and in the long run I may look into adding recurring weekly events for all stores that will show up in a separate listing for the current day. This second change is much more work, however, as stores often change their event schedule and are not the best about communicating it to me (this is why I took down the old list of regular events).

Content is going to be pretty sparse for the month as well, with no new posts planned until close to Christmas time. I am using this time to work out a plan for having regular content go up, which I will hopefully be able to stick to. Event posts should be expected roughly a week before the first of a new month detailing the events happening during the month, as well as featuring the FNM promo art. I also plan to have an event post go live for each PPTQ season detailing all of the scheduled events, with as much information as I have for them. I plan to continue my modern thoughts a little bit, with the goal being to have a post go live on Wednesday as I have been doing. My plan is to alternate between a modern deck spotlight and a new series detailing a hypothetical change to the card pool in modern (either a card being unbanned, or a card being added to the pool somehow). I will have more details on this series the week after Christmas. Other series that I’m looking to work on going forward is a spotlight for each store in the state where the owner can introduce themselves and their location to a larger audience than they may have had the opportunity to interact with before, and a series detailing judging policy, the philosophy behind why we penalize infractions the way we do, and some tips and tricks to help players avoid penalties during competitive events. Speaking of competitive events, I hope to start posting tournament reports not just for the rare events that I play in, but also for the events that I judge at. Hopefully I’ll be able to start posting some deck lists from these events, as well as some metagame statistics as to what archetypes are popular at the time.

As always, if anybody has any suggestions or is interested in helping out there’s the comments below or just poke me on Facebook.

Chris Wendelboe

Chris is a level 2 judge from Ashland, New Hampshire. He enjoys Scapeshift, modern, and putting on the best events possible.