Modern: Thoughts on Dark Depths

Yes, I realize that this has sat on the modern banned list since the inception of the format. I’m not sure I really agree with that decision, and here are the reasons why:


August Events

Here’s the list of the upcoming events in state for the month of August. 6 total PPTQs, 2 of which close out our modern season.


Of PPTQs and Splitting

In the past week there has been a “change” to the interpretation of the Magic Tournament Rules. The prevailing mindset is that prize splits as many tournaments have done in the past are forbidden...

May Events

May brings us the last of the PPTQs that feed Pro Tour Milwaukee! Here’s a list of what’s going on….

TCGPlayer Modern States Tournament Report

This past Saturday Double Midnight Comics in Concord hosted TCGPlayer Modern States. With a lower than anticipated turnout we swapped two of our judges (myself and Alex Lloyd) from being staff for the event...